Adult Stem Cells, Regenerative Medicine and the Facts Behind Peyton Manning's Treatment - Episode #24, Segment #4

Two of the nation's leading experts on the topic of adult stem cells are the guests on this segment of Business Unconventional.  They are Dr. Ben Guiot, a neurosurgeon affiliated with Littleton Adventist Hospital and South Denver Neurosurgery; and James Poser, PhD, chief scientific officer of Celling Biosciences, based in Austin, Texas.

Adult stem cells were central to the treatment and recovery of Peyton Manning, the SuperBowl-winning NFL quarterback who was recently signed by the Denver Broncos.  Drs. Guiot and Poser discuss the advances that are allowing many patients to benefit from similar medical technologies.

This is the final segment on this special edition of Business Unconventional, which dedicates all four segments to an examination of Colorado as a growing hub for medical and healthcare innovation.  Colorado is home to numerous physician-entrepreneurs and is the global base of the Society of Physician Entrepreneurs, a group dedicated to promoting advancements in healthcare.

Business Unconventional is hosted by David Biondo and Dean Rotbart and airs each Sunday morning at 8 a.m. (MDT).  The program is also streamed over the Internet at  

The program is also a sponsor of Medical Backbone, an initiative to honor and highlight the contributions of outstanding individuals and institutions to our nation's health infrastructure.  Dr. Guiot serves as chairman of the Medical BackBone Board of Advisors.

Original air date:  April 8, 2012 
Photo: Dr. Ben Guiot, South Denver Neurosurgery

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