The Business of Summer Fun – Episode #28, Segment 1

Students and faculty from The Denver Academy of Torah are in the studio as Business Unconventional presents its first annual “Business of Summer Fun” special edition. 

The segment begins with each of the students introducing themselves.  Guests include Dr. Juli Kramer and Mrs. Naomi Lev from the high school, and Colorado’s legendary rock concert producer, Barry Fey, author of Backstage Past.

Denver Academy of Torah is a Modern Orthodox Jewish day school committed to providing excellence in education in both general and Judaic studies. 

Business Unconventional is hosted by David Biondo and Dean Rotbart and airs each Sunday morning at 8 a.m. (Mountain Time).  The program is also streamed over the Internet at

Biondo and Rotbart invite high school and middle school classes to visit the radio station during the show’s weekly taping.  For more information, phone: 303-800-6081.

B. Unconventional is sponsored in part by Signal Butte Financial Corp., which provides individuals and businesses no-risk, proven methods to safely grow their wealth and wave goodbye to conventional banks and other lenders.  For more information, click here or phone David Biondo for a free, zero-obligation personal briefing.  His number is 303-800-6420. 

Original Air Date: May 6, 2012
Photo: A student from Denver Academy of Torah at the April 27th taping. 

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