Marketing to Girls Age 7 thru 15 - Episode #21, Segment #2

Debra Gano, founder and publisher of Be Your Own You - a magazine targeted at girls ages 7-thru-15, is in studio to share her insights about the often-overlooked market that her publication aims to serve.  She is joined by 15-year-old Cassandra Perkins, a student in Parker, Colorado, who also is a spokesmodel for the magazine.

Gano, who is a veteran of both the fashion and entertainment industry, sees her magazine as a way to help boost the self-esteem of young girls.  But she hasn't lost sight of the fact that her target audience has real money to spend - and hence real appeal to advertisers.

Gano and Perkins are interviewed by co-hosts David Biondo and Dean Rotbart.  This is part one of a two-part interview.

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Original air date:  March 18, 2012 
Photo:  Debra Gano and Cassandra Perkins

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