GoSpotCheck.com Is On a Mission - Many Missions, In Fact - Episode #20, Segment #2

GoSpotCheck provides businesses with real-time insight into their store merchandising using an innovative mobile application.  Three executives from GoSpotCheck join co-hosts David Biondo and Dean Rotbart in-studio this segment to discuss their crowdsourced mobile workforce of consumers who are paid to complete "missions."

The GoSpotCheck executives are Matt Talbot, CEO; Samantha Holloway, Head of Customer Insights; and Joey Alfano, Head of Mission Control.

This is part one of a two-part interview

B. Unconventional airs each Sunday morning at 8 a.m. (MST).  The program is also streamed over the Internet at www.710KNUS.com. 

Original air date:  March 11, 2012
Photo: (L-R)  Matt Talbot, Joey Alfano and Samantha Holloway

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