Homerisdom 027: Double-Decker Marketing

Talk about creative marketing vehicles? Business Unconventional’s Homer Hudson Hillis, Jr., Certified Entrepreneur #1, tells us how he used a 1956 red double-decker bus to draw attention to his former retail beads-and-crafts stores, Friendze.

Hillis says the bus still has plenty of good miles left on it – for the right, creative entrepreneur. Hillis is seeking a buyer for his double-decker bus. Those interested in learning more about the bus can phone B. Unconventional at 303-800-6081, or contact Homer directly at homer@BUnconventional.com.

Originally a ‘garage entrepreneur,’ Hillis is a veteran serial business developer who has a knack for spotting opportunity where most others don’t.  Based in Abilene, Texas, Hills is the owner of HHH Enterprises, a multi-faceted business with customers throughout the United States.

To feature Homer as a speaker at your next business function, contact him via Business Unconventional at 303-800-6081 or write him at: homer@BUnconventional.com.

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Length:  8 minutes

Original Air Date:  April 29, 2012

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