Literary CEOs: Writing Books is a Challenging Business - Episode #18, Segment #1

Put on your reading glasses and turn up the volume.  On this week's edition of Business Unconventional, we're talking to some "literary CEOs" - also known as authors.  

Writing and successfully publishing a book is very much a business - requiring many of the same skills that any successful entrepreneur must master.

Joining co-hosts David Biondo and Dean Rotbart on this week's program as a guest moderator is Cathy Langer, head book buyer at Colorado's Tattered Cover Bookstore.  Cathy is a regular contributor to B. Unconventional and one of the program's most popular guests.

In this, the first of three related segments, Cathy explains the business aspects of merchandising a bookstore and talks about why the Tattered Cover is such a unique and popular destination for book buyers.

B. Unconventional airs each Sunday morning at 8 a.m. (MST).  The program is also streamed over the Internet at 

Original air date:  February 26, 2012

Photo: Cathy Langer, Tattered Cover

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