Searching for the Pot of Gold at the End of the Entrepreneurial Rainbow - Episode #20, Segment #1

On the Sunday before St. Patrick's Day, co-hosts David Biondo and Dean Rotbart explore what it takes to achieve true entrepreneurial financial success.

On this segment, Biondo and Rotbart preview the week's guests.  They also discuss Biondo's upcoming musical bookings in Colorado with his friend and fellow performer, Chaz DePaolo.  

Rotbart also reports on his recent visit to the Pampered Passions Care Wear boutique that is now open at Porter Adventist Hospital.  The retail outlet is owned by Alicia Vargo, a guest featured on the February 5, 2012, edition of B. Unconventional.

Joining Biondo and Rotbart as an in-studio guest is Rotbart's mother Helen Rotbart, who was celebrating her birthday. 

B. Unconventional airs each Sunday morning at 8 a.m. (MST).  The program is also streamed over the Internet at 

Original air date:  March 11, 2012
Photo: Pampered Passions Care Wear Boutique

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