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Most of what conventional financial planners tell entrepreneurs about how to grow and protect their wealth is crap.  Okay, so that's not a very polite thing to say.  But it's painfully true.

Otherwise savvy small business owners can be totally stupid when it comes to trusting their money and investment strategies to others.

That is a sermon that Garrett B. Gunderson - who became a multi-millionaire before age 27 - has been preaching from coast-to-coast business pulpits for years and is a core concept in his New York Times groundbreaking bestseller, Killing Sacred Cows.

Garrett, an educator and financial advocate, is the force behind The Freedom FastTrack, a go-against-the-grain process of building and protecting your wealth that defies conventional wisdom, yet produces extraordinary results.

On this week's special edition of Business Unconventional, Garrett unloads on commission-obsessed financial planners and explains why chasing interest rates will never produce the phenomenal wealth that comes when you chase your life's soul purpose. 

Garrett Gets Paid A Fortune As An In-Demand
Corporate Speaker and Small Business Consultant...
But His Weekly "Freedom FastTrack Intelligence Brief" Won't Cost
You A Dime

As a Business Unconventional listener, you can receive a free, trial subscription to Garrett B. Gunderson’s Freedom FastTrack Intelligence Brief - keeping you on the cutting edge of personal and professional financial success in less than 10 minutes a week.

Simply visit www.FreedomFastTrack.com/intelligencebrief and enter code: "MMR 01".  Those who don't listen to Business Unconventional will just have to fork over hard cash to receive Garrett's most-exclusive insights.

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Shane DeRolf and Yesterday's Zoo Aim to Teach and Entertain Children

Shane DeRolf, guest on this portion of Business Unconventional, is an eleven-time Emmy Award winning writer, producer, director, narrator, and composer.

He is best known for his child and parent-centered content, most notably the children’s television series Zazoo UThe Crayon Box (based on his popular children’s book, The Crayon Box That Talked), and The Big Green Rabbit.

Hosts David Biondo and Dean Rotbart get the scoop on DeRolf’s latest venture, Yesterday’s Zoo, a Colorado-based “fun dimensional learning company” that is positioned as a unique monthly book club for children and their parents.  DeRolf serves as the chief creative officer of Yesterday’s Zoo, which recently made its debut at the Denver Zoo on May 17, 2013 (National Endangered Species Day).

Business Unconventional is broadcast every Sunday from 8:05 am to 9:00 am on 710 KNUS AM in Denver.  It is simulcast at www.710KNUS.com.

Original Broadcast:  June 9, 2013
Length:  10 mins

Photo:  Shane DeRolf 

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