Homerisdom 026: Team Building – From the UN to the Indiana Pacers

Jim Morris, president of Pacers Sports & Entertainment, spoke recently at Impact 2012, a seminar organized by Abilene Christian University.

Business Unconventional’s Homer Hudson Hillis, Jr., Certified Entrepreneur #1, was on hand to hear Morris’s remarks and to discover they share a common passion: their dogs. 

Homer reports that Morris is an expert on team building.  Prior to joining the Pacers, Morris was the executive director for the United Nations World Food Programme, where he led the world’s largest humanitarian agency.  In both jobs, Morris used his team-building skills to achieve success.

Originally a ‘garage entrepreneur,’ Hillis is a veteran serial business developer who has a knack for spotting opportunity where most others don’t.  Based in Abilene, Texas, Hillis is the owner of HHH Enterprises, a multi-faceted business with customers throughout the United States. 

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Length:  4:47     
Original Air Date:  April 22, 2012
Photo:  Jim Morris, Pacers Sports & Entertainment 

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