Episode #15, Segment #1 - 'Fine Lingerie on the Radio' Fashion Show - Pre-Valentine's Day Edition

Valentine's Day is big business, with many retailers enjoying their best sales of the year. On this special pre-Valentine's Day edition, Business Unconventional features the owners of three businesses: a fine lingerie retailer; a fine jewelry designer; and a florist.

Segment One features Alicia Vargo, owner and CEO of Pampered Passions Fine Lingerie in Centennial, Colorado.  In addition to her bricks-and-mortar store, Vargo does a brisk online business.

Video of this interview is also available here.  

This is part one of a three-part interview.  Parts two and three feature an in-studio lingerie fashion show.

B. Unconventional airs each Sunday morning at 8 a.m. (MST) on 710 KNUS in Denver.  The program, hosted by David Biondo and Dean Rotbart, is also streamed over the Internet at www.710KNUS.com. 

Original air date:  February 5, 2012

Photo: Alicia Vargo, Pampered Passions Fine Lingerie

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