Episode #16, Segment #4 - Physician Entrepreneurs

Physician entrepreneurs and the role they can play in speeding new health-related treaments and devices to market are the subject of this segment. Our guest is Dr. Arlen D. Meyers, a noted Colorado physician and president of the Society of Physician Entrepeneurs, SoPE.

Co-Host Dean Rotbart recently conducted a field interview with Dr. Meyers at the Veteran Administration Medical Center in Denver.

Dr. Meyer explain the rapid growth of SoPE, which he founded in 2008, and the type of education, services and networking that it provides to doctors and other healthcare providers.  SoPE now has more than 2,100 members in 16 worldwide chapters.

The interview with Dr. Meyers is presented in connection with Medical BackBone and Medical BackBone Radio. Medical BackBone is a new initiative aimed at highlighting and honoring the institutions and people who comprise our nation's vital medical infrastructure. Medical BackBone is headed by Dr. Ben Guiot, himself a noted neurosurgeon, who serves as chairman of the Medical BackBone Board of Advisors.

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Original air date:  February 12, 2012

Photo: Dr. Arlen D. Meyers, president and CEO, Society of Physician Entrepreneurs

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