Physician Turned Entrepreneur and His 'Sous Vide' Odyssey - Episode #20, Segment #4

Despite the amazingly long odds, Drs. Michael and Mary Dan Eades took their idea for an at-home version of a professional kitchen appliance from drawing board to the shelves of some of the world's most prestigious department stores and other retailers.

Dr. Michael Eades shares the story of his entrepreneurial odyssey designing and marketing the Sous Vide Supreme with co-hosts David Biondo and Dean Rotbart.  Drs. Eades are self-taught business owners, who have battled to design, manufacture, distribute and market their now-popular appliance, a water oven for at-home use.  

Dr. Eades explains why the appliance is so popular with professional and amateur chefs alike and discusses some of the obstacles he had to overcome along his journey.

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Original air date:  March 11, 2012
Photo: Dr. Michael Eades, Sous Vide Supreme 

Photo: (L-R)  Matt Talbot, Joey Alfano and Samantha Holloway

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